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Tropical Leaves and Marble Paper
Set your child's imagination free! This great coloring book will stimulate your child's mental development and enhance their self-confidence!

This coloring book features 31 great illustrations of dark-skinned children with varying hairstyles who are busy making their dreams come true. Driving a racing car, playing basketball, or performing the role of an astronaut or superhero – everything the heart desires is within reach.
Your child will have a lot of fun coloring these lovingly illustrated pictures while learning that diversity, acceptance, open-mindedness, and equality should be natural for everyone.
Coloring should be an everyday activity for children. It improves fine motor control, helps with the ability to concentrate, promotes creativity, and is extremely important for hand-eye coordination. Regular coloring and drawing also help your child to better cope with the challenges of everyday life, become more patient, and use color to express their feelings on paper.
Details at a glance:

31 confident children with cool Afro hairstyles

Features a superhero, police officer, astronaut, football player, and many more

Promotes diversity, acceptance, open-mindedness, and equality

The perfect gift for children of African descent

Single-sided printing to prevent bleed-through

Suitable for ages 2-12

"Black boys Big Dreams" Colouring book


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